Lego Worlds, the new game to compete with Minecraft


LEGO Worlds is in beta on steam and early access for $14.99. I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’ve played with lego’s since, well since I can remember. I hope this game will let us make all those lego creations we have dreamed up over the years take on some life. Let me know what you guys think!


I think it looks pretty interesting, but I don’t think it’s going to directly compete with or replace Minecraft; that game is a behemoth, especially in the modding community, that appeals in the long term to a certain type of player and I’d be surprised to see it toppled by this game. That said, it does look good and I’m sure it’s going to do well for itself.


You had me at drill car.


looks very interesting. i may check this out. too many games coming out though…


This looks fun. Never played minecraft, but dabbled in Terraria a little. Minecraft always seems so daunting to me.


In my opinion vanilla minecraft has kinda plateaued. The only reason I ever came back to it was to check out new mods. The same mods that make minecraft like this game in some ways (shooting rocket launchers and driving vehicles). It may or may not topple minecraft, but it should give it a run for its money!


Same here!


Okay good.
If your checking this out, then I will too.
What prevented me from checking this out is that I’m to old. (26 years old)
I used to play Legos and look at the instructions to build something huge as a kid/teen!
So many memories popping up now… screw it im checking it out.


I’m 26 as well and I’m having that crisis of “am I too old for this shit”. But you know what, no one really grows up and if you do then your missing out on life. You only get one shot at it so why waste it being a “grown up” all the time. :smiley: Live a little, let the kid out!