Less than a week left to get a Strats logo tee!

Just a reminder that we’re running this print in less than a week so if you want one, get on it!

Show off your participation in helping build the best gaming community the interwebs have ever known by sporting the classic Strats logo tee. Available in white and black, it fits any occasion. Wear it to family functions so they’ll ask what the hell it means.


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So, if we buy black or white it will count towards the total goal? Cause I plan on rocking a white one.

That’s correct. Anything at that link counts.

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I wonder what everyone will rock.

you all suck.


For what it’s worth, I’m hoping we do hats too :wink:

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Just ordered mine. Only two more orders to go!

I don’t get paid until the 18th but I can’t wait to get mine!

What’s going on with this one?

If we want a shirt do we have to order this one now? Is the mint green one not an option anymore? I just want to know because I do want a shirt, but I don’t want to buy this one if I can get the mint one.

@PeterThomas6, when we launched the green one, not enough people ordered it to get it printed. You would have to campaign for it and get enough people to order so it gets printed.


I finally got around to getting my order in. Looks like we crossed the line. :smile:

@Vocino Eh, I want the mint one, but not that badly to try and rally a bunch of people to finish it off. I’ll just retract my vote for it and get one of these. Thank you, sir.

I thought about ordering a mint one from teespring as a one-off, but that color requires a 6 shirt commitment. Maybe I’ll order a batch for my trip to Retropalooza in September.

ZOMG only 1 day left!