Let it Die Tips Volume 1



Hey there everyone Freshie here will the first tip and trick volume that I “promised” in my first post on Let it Die. So here are 5 tips for players in Let it Die.

Tip 1

Use your Death Metal wisely, for those not well verse in Let it Die, Death Metals are a limited in game currency players can use to continue after a death. They can also alternatively be used to expand your storage container so you can store more material. I personally find that expanded storage is generally more useful, sS biggest suggestion I can give if your going to use it as a continue make sure you will be able to beat what did kill you and get something out of it.

Tip 2

Materials are more important than armor and weapons, as you go through the game and collect blueprints to give you access to craft different weapons and armor, you will be able to upgrade those items using material you find in the tower. You will also find weapons and armor drops from enemies, so you might question what you should keep in your limited inventory, I feel the best use is getting material so you can upgrade your armor and weapons which are generally better than the weapons and armor you will find in the “wild”

Tip 3

Don’t ignore the Tokyo Death Metro, for those not in the know the Tokyo Death Metro (TDM) works much like the Dark Soul invade mechanic where players can invade other players bases and steal their coins and SPLithium, These are important as while you can farm these forms of currency in the tower, SPLithium is best farmed in this mode and this currency is necessary for improving your weapons and armors as well as improving your base and how many fighter you can have.

Tip 4

Remember as you go up the tower every few levels or so you will unlock different classes and different grades of fighters. Knowing these different classes and when you unlock the different grades are important as different classes do better with different play styles and activities. The different grades give you fighters that can get higher levels and will have better overall stats.

Tip 5

Last tip for now, know when to Let it Die. Much like the games title state when you are killed in the tower you have the options to try and continue or to let it die. Knowing that you can recover you lost fighter with coins it might be better to have them die and recover if it will be more costly to get to an elevator. Also if you so choose to you don’t have to pay to recover them, you can go and hunt your hatrified fighter to recover them for no cost. So knowing when to do which is important

So there is your first set of tips for Let it Die, comment any additional questions or clarifications you may have and I will address them in Volume 2. Happy Climbing

Let it Die : Tips Volume 2

Great post @Freshie44! Thanks for this.


Glad to be of assistance, and help new players outs. As I know I would of loved to know some of these tips before I started.