Let me introduce you to another member of the Mythoclast Club

Just finished HM Atheon in less than 15 minutes with a Pug from DestinyLFG.net and got both the Mythoclast and the raid helmet for my Lock. I feel satisfied :smile:

Is there any reason you couldn’t connect with other Strats members to get it done? Just curious (assuming that’s not your site and you’re not just trying to plug it, of course).

Eh, I was lobbying for Atheon HM and I only ever got a few people. I just think my raid team was busy this week and couldnt finish.

Maybe. The raid teams seem to be going pretty regularly from what I can see. I’m interested in learning from your experience though. Always trying to make the experience here better.

I am on😪 doing a normal raid now

Well, every other week we met up on Thursday’s as well, but we never got the second meeting up to finish the final boss. I found out today that Brut was busy and couldn’t do anything, so that’s what I assumed. I’m sure we’ll finish it this next time around.

Also have a mytho! what what!