Let’s talk full home PC gaming strats


So based on the AC Odyssey thread, I’ve been starting to think more about how I might create the ultimate home setup.

My goal is to bring couch controller gaming powered by a PC to 3 rooms in our house.

I think the ideal solution probably involves streaming from a central PC. However I’m worried about latency and input lag. Open to other ideas.

  • 1 of the TVs is a 75” 4K HDR so it might be best to have the native setup here (family room) but that would limit gaming in my office/desk (where the gaming PC is currently)

  • the other 2 are 1080p 55” so could likely be streamed (2 bedrooms)

  • my current gaming PC is in my office which is where the internet comes into the house and where the router is. I would need to run cat-5 from here to each room.

So one idea I was thinking was to build 3 PCs:

  • family room: full tower power house to push 4K to the TV

  • 2x bedroom: “dummy” terminal micro cases with decent CPU to accept, decode, and facilitate smooth playback of a 1080/60 stream from the family room

What do you guys think? Give me your Strats!

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This sounds like an awesome project. Something I’m definitely going to look into when I buy a place (hopefully in the near-ish future). I’ll do some research this week and let you know what I find.

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Found this little thingy from NZXT. The best part about this is that it does USB-over-network automagically. I think I could build a system like this but not for $100.

The major downside here is that it’s 1080/30. I believe with a custom built node PC I could get to 60ish since we would be going over gigabit ethernet.



I think this depends on what games you wish to play. FWIW I have a nVidia shield, and have used their nVidia Gamestream feature to great success… can’t recall what fidelity it played it at, but I remember playing No Man Sky many months ago and had no issues with input lag, or anything of the sort.



Assuming you’re playing Steam games, just use a Steam Link with an ethernet cable - works just fine streaming from my 1440p monitor to the 4K TV. It can also stream non-steam games, but performance is much worse for some reason.

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This looks very promising. Having an Xbox One X would allow me to run 4K HDR games natively and stream from PC at 1080p.



Building 3 PCs would be a headache. Microsoft Wireless Display App looks good. You can try that.