Let Us Love More


Let me love more. Pro tip: love isn’t a limited resource. Love is fathomless and infinitely creatable. We have the power to love anything and everything. So give us that power here on Stratsco!

Right now we may only smash the HEART button to show our love on a few posts a day. Then we must wait 20 HOURS before we can hit another heart. WUT. Don’t be cappin my affection, bro.

Turn off the <3 Limiter and let us share the love, man. Plez. Thanx.


It’s actually built into the trust system; when you get more trust on the forums you can love more. We haven’t tweaked the lower-ranks in a hot minute, so it might be something worth looking at. Details on the forum trust system can be found here. Brand new users have far fewer likes available than Basic users, which you were just promoted to sometime overnight. This is mostly because the upper ranks that degrade are partly based on getting likes, so we don’t want them to be “farmable.” That said, tomorrow on you’ll have more love to share given your new rank, so there’s that :wink:

poke @Vocino


When there’s no limit, then it’s treated as an “I acknowledge that I saw this” button. This isn’t good since if it has some weight then it can be used as signal into people making good contributions.


wow, you make me feel bad cause I got lots of hearts to give out and never hit the limit. I’m such a jerk :frowning:


Haha. Don’t fret. No one ever has any obligation to share their love. :heart: Hoard your hearts for yerself, I spose!