Let's be Twitch friends (not necessarily followers)



Hello there. Are you on Twitch? Whether you stream or not, the friend functionality is increasingly robust. I’ve found some good content through my friend network.

Note that I’m not talking about a channel follow exchange.

How to add a friend (via)

  1. Open the Whipsers thing in the bottom right of twitch.tv and search for the proposed friend’s name:

  2. Say hello and open the cog wheel icon, then select “Add Friend” (a request will be sent)

Post your Twitch name below and send a request to VOCINO

Q: Are Friends different than Followers?
A: Yes. Since the release Whispers in 2015, the Twitch community sent 300 MILLION messages to each other. Friends was created to make Whispering even easier. Followers are other members who follow your channel, and are not on your Friends list.

Q: How many Friends can I have?
A: There is currently a maximum of 500 Friends.