Let's Blow Stuff Up


I hope you all are having an amazing day. I’m DirtyBojanglez (or DirtyBo) and on PS4 I’m currently juggling GTA V, Far Cry 4, Destiny, CoD:AW, Battlefield, and Dragon Age while trying to maintain a social life and work. I hope to see you all soon.


Hi DirtyBo welcome to Strats! Sounds like the November releases hit you hard!


My pockets are dust right now but it’s ok. I got food and games so I’ll survive.


Is DirtyBojanglez similar to Dirty Sanchez? :open_mouth:

What console do you own? Most of us have PS4 but there are a few on the BONE.


Welcome! Sounds like your November was much the same as mine! Hopefully you get enough time to play all of the games you have acquired!


I am king of the Dirty Sanchez.

I’m on PS4. I’ll add that to my post.


I love a good Bojangles biscuit.


Boy do I know that feeling right now brother. Gotta tighten the belt until all those spring releases :wink: My PSN is Nubhugs, you can feel free to add me.

You can join our GTA Crew through this post
Here is our GTA Roster, you can add your name to the list!

I see you found the Destiny name Swap. There’s plenty of people looking to get the new raid done so watch for those posts.

We also have a Dragon Age category, a few of us have been breaking into the multiplayer and sharing our single player stories. Watch our for spoilers though!


Great info, man. I appreciate the help. I’ll shoot you an invite and we’ll blow something up.


Welcome to the Dark side brother. Throw your name up in our Destiny name swap and check out our DA:I category happy to see another player joining and I look forward to seeing you in game and killing shit


I accepted your Destiny and GTA clan/crew requests. Welcome to Strats!


Hey, welcome to Strats


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