Let's do a Cards Against Humanity stream on /StratsCo!


Here’s @senNish ^

Check out the highlight: http://www.twitch.tv/stratsco/v/24598309

It was a ton of fun to play and I had a ton of fun watching the second rounds I wasn’t playing. I would love to do this more regularly. Maybe a weekly game night thing? I know we’ve talking about doing something with Roll20 and maybe this evolves into that eventually but for now we have a game ready.


That would be epic to do a game night. Cards against humanity is so enjoyable to play in large groups.


We just used the web version and a Google Hangout and it worked pretty well.


game night yes please!


CAH Online? Not sure I my delicate sensibilities could handle that. At least until the second beer.


I’m in! Yesssss plllzzzz


But we should totally do roll 20. :slight_smile:


Strats Game Night?! YES, PLEASE! :smile:


That’s a good idea.


Saturday night game night? I’m sure we can find online versions of a lot of games.


I’m in! I’d love to do this! Maybe we could implement it after the weekly meeting? <3


Please make it it’s own day. Starting @ 10pm EST on a weeknight would be brutal.


Armello is a videogame that is really boardgame-ish, available for PC (I think?) and PS4, with online multiplayer. Plus it has awesome art work



@senNish don’t be such a grandma :older_man:


Strat-urday Game Night? Just throwing it out there.

That way the game night could have it’s own time slot/day like @senNish suggested.


weekends are bad, after the strats meeting would be cool. We’re all there anyway.


Says the guy that works weekends :wink:


Which is why they are bad


I really could never do one after the Weekly, if I’m being honest. If everyone is so adamant about doing it the same night as the weekly, why not before?

Personally, I’m with @senNish and @simplyundrea. Strat-urday Game Night would be the bomb.com.


Yeah, I usually have homework after the Weekly and would prefer a weekend slot as well. That said, there’s nothing that says we can’t get something going after the Weekly and on a weekend if we’ve got the folks ready to turn out and do stuff. @Vocino is working on some new streaming assets for StratsCo and once they’re done, it’d be pretty easy to share the hosting responsibilities based on availability without too much fuss, I expect :wink: