Let's have a pow-wow



Found this on imgur and it is brilliant!


That’s messed up, man. Messed up.


This is why I miss Destiny, for things like this. JustTrollingAllDay


Haha! This is great. It almost makes me want to start playing again …


Lol, saw that last night. Gave me a good laugh.


New dlc coming! Come back!


But no raid :frowning:


They are coming our with content that will hopefully keep players coming back. The raid was a once a week thing.


3 story missions and a new strike and some pvp maps…very very poor DLC…sorry my opinion only.


3x a week if you have 3 characters :slight_smile: I really liked raids. Had my group of friends, 6 of us the main “go in and figure it out” bunch, then help the rest through afterwords.

I’m still coming back for the DLC, I’m just a bit disappointed :frowning:


You miss ToO, PoE (Replaces the Raid - supposed to take longer then the current Raids as well), new social hub, queens wrath bounties, crucible revamp, reforging of weapons, etc. There is actually a ton of content coming out with HOW. I’m pumped!

Edit: This is worth the read - http://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/32gimz/megathread_house_of_wolves_compilation_of_links/


Makes me want to play Destiny again. Haven’t played in awhile. Still need to go though the first DLC


Original video, you can almost hear the controllers flying across the room :wink:


That was on a whole nother level of amazing.