Let's Play Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain



Welcome to my Let’s Play of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

I’ll be playing on the PS4 and taking screenshots, for the most part. I may do some video as well, if my time permits.

My goal is 100% completion in the game. This may be tough and it may take me some time, but I’m determined!

Feedback and spoilers are welcome. Make sure you hit Reply directly on the mission post you’re talking about so that they can stay somewhat organized and threaded.

Direct Mission Links

  • Flashback Prologue Awakening

  • Mission 1: Phantom Limbs - Ep 01

  • Mission 2: Flashback Diamond Dogs

  • Mission 3: A Heros Way

  • Mission 4: C2W

  • Mission 5: Over the Fence

  • Mission 6: Where Do the Bees Sleep

  • Mission 7: Red Brass

  • Mission 8: Occupation Forces

  • Mission 9: Backup Back Down

  • Mission 10: Angel With Broken Wings

  • Make Contact With Emmerich (Required Side Op 82)

  • Mission 11: Cloaked in Silence

  • Mission 12: Hellbound

  • Mission 13: Pitch Dark

  • Mission 14: Lingua Franca

  • Mission 15: Footprints of Phantoms

  • Mission 16: Traitors Caravan

  • Mission 17: Rescue the Intel Agents

  • Mission 18: Blood Runs Deep

  • Mission 19: On the Trail

  • Mission 20: Voices

  • Mission 21: The War Economy

  • Mission 22: Retake the Platform

  • Mission 23: The White Mamba

  • Mission 24: Close Contact

  • Mission 25: Aim True Ye Vengeful

  • Mission 26: Hunting Down

  • Mission 27: Root Cause

  • Mission 28: Code Talker

  • Mission 29: Metallic Archaea

  • Mission 30: Skull Face

  • Mission 31: Sahelanthropus


Flashback Prologue Awakening

I woke up in the hospital with someone talking to me in an odd, indistinguishable accent.

The good doctor explained to me that my insiders were filled with bone fragments and teeth. Uh, what?

Good doctor, surely you can fix me right up considering we’re living in some bad ass cyberpunk future, right?

Nope. You’re basically screwed. But the good news is we’re going to completely change the way you look through some new age plastic surgery wizardry of awesome!

Oh, excellent. That’s way better than removing metal from my brain. But wait, how about you fix up the other little problem while you’re at it…

Isn’t that where my arm goes?

Character customization?

Well, I thought so. I went through the joy of making my character look all hip and cool.

Looks great, right? Yeah. Then this special someone sneaks up behind the good doctor before he can perform the operation and it’s lights out.

Luckily my super cool friend jumps to my side but not soon enough to allow me to get that fancy face surgery.

She’s quite the bad ass. She throws knives and strangles doctors and nurses. She’s dressed like some kind of military ass-kicking ninja girl. I thought maybe she would be a main character of some kind but unfortunately she was no match for a bottle of some flammable chemical.

Time to go

Now that she’s taken care of, it’s time to get the hell out of this crazy place. The problem is all the hallways are crawling with her friends.

And apparently they want to kill me and everyone in the building.

On several occasions, whenever I think I’m surely done for, the music gets dramatic and a huge flaming death walker guy that absorbs bullets jumps out.

Stop to check out the posters

Not too long though, because we need to do quite a lot of hiding under beds. How are these guys so terrible at finding people?

I can’t figure out if I’m a master of stealth or if all the other people in this building are absolutely terrible at hiding. On one occasion, someone thought it would be a good idea to grab my leg and start screaming.

Amazingly, by some miracle, the dudes with the big guns still didn’t see me. What did they think he was holding on to?

Please wait

Oh, this seems like a great place to hide! A room full of people just hanging out talking about how everything has gone to shit.

As I slowly edge my way through the crowd, I could feel that something very bad was about to happen. Sure enough, more bad guys with guns bust in and start taking people out!

My best buddy in the world saves me again. This guy is nuts. He’s always in the right place at the right time. How does he do it?

He’s diving here, driving there, tackling me into doorways. We’re like two peas now—which is good because we’re about to do some laying quietly on the floor together.

You’d never believe it if I told you. Somehow we pass for dead bodies. How? A man’s gotta breathe!

Japanese horror

This is the part of the sequence that turns into a gory Japanese horror movie. The cast of characters is perfect.

You’ve got crazy flying mask girl of death:

And slow walking fire guy with dramatic music that eats bullets and pushes them back at you of death:

After some exchange with the military guys that were previously killing everyone else, I felt like it was time to GTFO.

It doesn’t take much for a dramatic exit. I just ran. Forget stealth.


I can only assume this was the only vehicle available. Once again my bandaged BFF comes to my rescue and picks me up in an ambulance just in the knick of time.

The bad news, though, is that he’s a terrible driver—especially when shot by an enemy helicopter. If only my PS4 would have let me jump over and take full control!

While rolling and crashing down the side of the highway I realized this whole sequence would be terrifying while wearing an Oculus. This needs to happen.

Did somebody say epic conclusion?

There’s really only one thing that can stop a missile-firing cyberpunk military helicopter.

Floating mask girl and her fiery friend!

It’s not enough that he just come out and burn everyone to death. No, he’s gotta do it in style. In style on a… flaming unicorn.


Yes. After shotgunning him for a while on the back of my horse (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you some crazy guy picked me up on a horse, too), he basically just decided to call it a day.

Seems like a fire unicorn could have easily killed us. Maybe he just wanted to recruit us. Maybe there’s more to that story.

Moving on

I’ve been tasked with joining up with this Miller fellow and recruiting an army. Here’s the story:


When for Mission 1: Phantom Limbs?


Love this thread, @Vocino. Just makes my love grow even more for this amazing game. The prologue was sooo gripping + engaging to me. SO much to keep us guessing.

Oh! Don’t forget to snag D-Dog. (Should happen around Mission 4.) You should see him right at the beginning + hear his bark, @AlexFalkor helped me find him. ^^

And don’t forget to pick up Quiet, too. (Mission 11.)


Episode 01.1: Phantom Limbs

Like a magical cyber war hero, my good buddy and I rode into view. Luckily I have my own horse now. His name is apparently “D-Horse” and I have no idea what that means.

While I was fully aware that my cowboy friend was super cool, nothing could prepare me for his gesture of hooking me up with some awesome sunglasses.

Unfortunately, I later found out I was to give them to Miller. I guess I don’t need them as much with the one eye and all.

It’s now time to plan my route. Oh how we plan.

Seems easy enough. Sneak in ever so slowly and take out enemies one by one. Grab the plans and dip on out. Like a snake in the grass.

I ride out majestic D Horse the horse. Spot some buildings and take to the grass.

I ended up completely fubbing this take down. It was straight up embarrassing. The game hadn’t yet shown me how to do a proper takedown though. I blame Japan.

To make matters worse, when his friend comes to see what all the commotion is about, I fub this easy headshot!

I’m finding this game doesn’t really want you to fire your weapons. I should be known that. Thanks, Japan.

A few meters down the road and I seek some high ground. Night is falling and it’s time to do some elite recon with my bad ass binoculars which are equipped with super tagging technology circa 1983.

This is when it all goes to shit.

Just as I’m making my way through the buildings, I start getting spotted left and right. Soon, it turns into all out combat.

I think to myself “hey, I can just run and re-hide like most stealth games.”

Nope. :dickbutt:

Out pops this drone light beacon thing.

Oh well, screw it. Let’s bring out the grenades! :boom:

There goes that. With some serious all out shooting sprees and way too many gory finishers to the dome piece, I’m able to run up into their crib and grab the dataz.

In classic 80s style, it’s a hologram of dataz and it looks all future but at the same time old school. Sort of like Back to the Future II or Dues Ex.

At any rate, time to jet.

I quickly merc this poor truck driver so I can jump in his truck and GTFO. Let me tell you how sad it feels to down a guy and then finish him off. This is worse than GTA.