Let's play some ESO Tonight




Looking to play some ESO Tonight around 7:00pm Central time.

I’ve got a lvl 48 Dragon Knight (Heals/MDPS) that I’m looking to get to lvl 50.
I’m on AD Faction.

I’d be down for Dungeons, PvP, or even just some world content.
Let me know if you’re interested.


Don’t be silly. Only templars are healers. :poop:


Is there a trial for this game? I hear it’s much improved since release, and it’s on sale right now. But even for $20, I’d rather try before I buy.

EDIT: Oh what there’s no sub fee?


No sub. Buy to play


It’s in my cart, I’ll probably buy it tonight and check it out sporadically over the weekend… between Overwatch binges.