Let's talk about how annoying it is for the hotel wifi to be incredibly slow right now

It’s also annoying that you can’t use Chromecast on Hotel WiFi, and generally gaming is terrible / not possible due to firewall restrictions. Yay Hotel WIFi!

GLHF! lol

Exactly. I didn’t even bring my PS4 here because the hotel never got back to me about whether or not the HDMI ports were accessible.

That’s another issue as well lol.

My friends and I went to a hockey tourney not long ago and stayed at a relatively inexpensive hotel (Note it was literally right beside a strip club called The Beef Baron - Classy, right?). My friends suggested that I should bring my PS4 so I did. It turns out we got TV’s from the 90’s with no HDMI ports. We asked the guy at the front desk if there were any TV’s in the hotel that had HDMI and nope. Not a single one.

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I love The Beef Baron.


You should have someone else call ahead to the hotel a few mins before you check in to ensure they received “Mr. Vocino’s” rider. The clerk’s reaction when you check in will be priceless.

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Man when I went to the Home Office and stayed in the same hotel as all my cow-orkers it killed the wireless speeds. You have my sympathy.