Let's talk about how annoying it is to be home without PSN access

I hate these idiots. I understand that the win for them is my frustration. That’s fine. I’m still frustrated.

Taking down PSN and Xbox Live is not a noble cause. You’re not proving anything. It’s ridiculously easy to spool up a botnet of hacked shells and DDOS any number of services to a crawl.

Further, gamers are in your fucking demographic! Most gamers are probably for free access to information. If you’re actually a hacker with 2 brain cells to rub together, that should be your main point of contest. Gamers are in that camp. We want you to take down the evils out there and stand up for the little guy. This is not that. This is just some troll bullshit.

There are kids, small kids, that received games for Christmas that they can not play. These idiot “hacker” groups are tweeting things like “go outside.” Well, fuck you, don’t fucking tell me what to do. You go the fuck outside if you want to.



Is there some sort of live update about both hacks anywhere? I have been avoiding this whole thing all day yesterday in hopes it will get fixed soon…

The @AskPlaystation twitter account is posting updates on the PSN side.

(that’s all i really care about… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

also, i hope it gets updated soon…last post was 9 hours ago?? somebody just tell me when its up…

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Additionally, I wonder what everyone has been doing since this all started?

Tell me!

They’re posting directly to people often: https://twitter.com/AskPlayStation/with_replies

I’ve just been working on web stuff for my YouTube channel and whatnot.

half of the replies are: “Our engineers are continuing to work hard to resolve the network issues users are experiencing. Thank you for your patience”

Heh yes. There’s not much else to say.

There’s also the official status page: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/237/~/psn-status%3A-online

Like I said earlier I fear the great 2011 psn shutdown is upon us once again. That was 30 days I believe

Well said @Vocino, children are as children do.

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I completely agree. It makes no sense. Why can’t they go after north Korea, Comcast, or some other douche bags. They are going after there friends and family, not ones who create there problems.

No, I use Comcast. That’s part of the issue.

Don’t go after any companies. They’re turning a profit for their shareholders. If you don’t agree with their pricing models, don’t use their services.


Yesterday I was busy with family stuff anyway so not too big of a deal. Today I took my son out to breakfast. Just now sitting down to really do anything.

As I mentioned on Twitter, it’s a good opportunity to go back to PC/Steam stuff. I did get in a couple of SMITE games yesterday and will probably play a few today. I still have Gauntlet, Shadow of Mordor, TESO, Nosgoth, Payday, Street Fighter, or even Diablo or Hearthstone I could be playing. Plenty of options available, even though I might prefer to be playing Destiny or GTA.

There’s not a whole lot we can do about it.

But, but… I need someone to blame internet fast lanes on.

It’s really frustrating. I was hoping to get lots of gaming time between the 24th and Sunday since I’m off work. Guess not…

And also, I thought I’d be able to play DA:I? It gets stuck in the main menu with “connecting to the dragon age servers” message. Guess I can’t play this either? >:/

Dragon Age works for me. I’m gearing up to start a playthrough series on it for lack of anything else to do.

DA has been working for me also. A few times I had to give it a few minutes to pass the connecting stage

Turn the wireless off on your PlayStation. Go into network and turn it off. That should do it.


need technology. please send help. very bored.

Stuff seems to be coming back online. I created a PSN party.

Starting downloads!

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