Level 28 Titan looking to run the Vault tonight (PS4)

Alright everybody. Here’s the deal. I am a level 28 titan that is ready to attempt the Vault for the first time. I need some willing souls to gear up with me. I’m going to run the raid tonight at 6 PM PST.

If we can find someone to walk us through that would be great, but all new raiders are welcome.

My PSN is s0ul_sc0rcher. Add me and mention “raid group” First 4 to add me get in!

Answer this call to arms Guardians. Become Legend!

Hey, It’s good to have another PST member! I was trying to get a group together for tonight also but my one buddy can’t start till 10 PM PST any chance you can start a bit later?

I’m technically MST right now (Arizona doesn’t adjust for daylight savings time) but i figured it would be easier to just list PST.

Unfortunately I can’t do it that late. It would be 11 PM for me and i get up for work at 5:30 AM. If you and your friend want to run the weekly heroic and nightfall tomorrow, I’m totally down (assuming it isn’t 10 PM as well LOL)

ahh bummer. yeah we’re usually later gamers as we don’t work till 9am. maybe play on the weekend sometime