Level gap damage breakdown

Hey, I’m sure a lot of you already browse the Destiny sub reddit but I found an interesting post on there today that’s answered a question I’ve had for a while. Thought I would post it here for you guys. It breaks down the damage penalty you get from being lower level then mobs. Might be helpful for those thinking about doing the VoG under level 28


@vocino, attend!

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Thank you for this!!!

I found this info in one of the replies:

This is correct. Your Defense stat reduces incoming damage, whereas Armor changes how much of a health bar you have that the enemy needs to get through to kill you.

There’s no numbers that I’ve seen as to how much life an armor bar has, but taking +armor subclass skills definitely gives you more health bar to work with.


Say an enemy shoots you for 1200 damage, and you have 1100 defense. The incoming shot now only does 100 damage to your armor bar.

I really wasn’t sure what the relation between Defense and Armor was, but if this is true then I am certainly glad for the explanation. I’ll probably continue building my Titan for high Armor/Recovery and be the slow-moving guy that can take a few hits.

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oh, good find! I was wondering about that as well.

Super useful! Nice find. I was just wondering if I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong at that lvl 24 heroic as a 22. Felt like my damage output was very weak. Big emphasis on level apparently.

I think the damage reduction from armor example up there is misleading. It can’t be a static damage reduction like that, if it were any damage under the amount of armor that you have would be taken it zero.

There are no enemies that 100% can’t damage us, so either every shot from an enemy is doing 1200+ damage or armor doesn’t work the way that example states that it does.

The information in my post that primarily interested me was the relation between Defense and Armor. I wasn’t sure if Armor added to, or was essentially an extra layer of, Defense. I guess it does make sense that Armor extends the silver/gray portion of your health bar.

As for the damage reduction example, you are correct that players are not 100% immune to damage. This is in part because you are down-scaled when you outlevel content.

Take your level 28 self, go back to the first mission and you can still die.

The example may not be correct; maybe it is %-based rather than a flat reduction. But it’s a good starting point.