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Is there a quicker way to level up my light level? I’m semi stalled at level 23 trying to find better gear. Been grinding patrols and strikes in order to increase my Vanguard rep to level 2 so I can buy some new gear. Its taking forever. In addition, few blue engrams are dropping, and when they do, I’m not getting better gear and no legendaries have dropped. Any thoughts? Or do I just stick it out until I’m level 2 Vanguard and buy some legendary gear?


Have you done any Queen’s bounties and strikes? You get a legendary every time and with the helmet and chest you’ll easily be level 25.


For rep grinding, patrols > all

Grab a partner or full fireteam and scatter across Earth, doing every patrol mission you can. You should finish them all around the time the first ones start respawning. You can level in less than 2 hours IIRC.

And like @vocino said, get that legendary helm/chest from the queen’s bounty missions.


For me, grinding faction rep with their class item (New Monarchy) equipped was the way to go. It effectively lets you do double the bounties per day since both vanguard and crucible bounties will now give you faction rep.

Problem is you need crucible marks to purchase armor. So I played a lot of Rumble. Win or lose it tends to be the quickest match type.

Then I bought chest, gloves, legs.

Did Queen’s bounty for the helm. You should probably get the queen bounty chest instead, it’s probably a faster route to go.

P.S. Upgrading gear with Light stat will increase its light stat as well, so that also helps.


Thanks all. I finally finished the Queens Bounty and received the warlock helm. Bumped me up to level 24. Getting closer to the appropriate level for vault of glass. Cheers.


How do you get the Queens Chest? Just doing the strike again? Or is there another bounty?


Yeah it’s random. There’s a sniper rifle and a ship too but they seem to be on a much lower drop rate.


My barrier has actually been getting to 21 so I can start doing the Queen’s missions; the option is unavailable at 20.

Vanguard rep is moving right along especially since I did a few bounties during the story. I made rank 1 a day after getting level 20 and I’m steadily working toward rank 2. I could possibly reach rank 2 before I have enough marks for my first piece of gear.

Luckily I got some random drops this morning so I’m about 2/3 toward 21 now.


And I just got a helmet from the daily Crucible. Finally made level 21!




Nice! now you gotta start wearing purple, wearing purple.


Armor shaders are nice too :smile: