LF Help: More Game Dev Talk! FAQ Incoming!

Hey all! I was wondering if I linked a file here with some notes on this game I’ve been writing in my head for like 10 years and I wanna start the process of coding, would anybody throw some gameplay questions at me?

I have been finding that talking about this stuff has blown the doors wide open on what I would like it to be, and answering questions people have would really help as well. Because I can see things from different points of view.

You can’t edit with this link, so just post any questions you have about the world and I’ll put them here!

I’ve also been working on some early pixel art for the world map and the races. Excited to share that stuff. I have a couple coders interested, but nothing has started yet, we shall see where it goes :smiley:

Nacho the TRTL

Sounds like a way better version of Albion Online. What is the point of the game and how does the “evil center” tie into that?

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That’s gonna be where the majority of the story relies if you choose to play that, it’s also going to be the more challenging going zone for higher level people and people who want to focus on fighting skills. Basically a way to separate PvP and pve zones. Even though you can PvP anywhere, the tryhards will most likely want to stay near the center because higher risk higher reward

KappaLittle Folk Walking

Slow and steady progress :stuck_out_tongue: That’s a kappa on the left and a Little Folk on the right.