LF PPL to Play Rainbow Six Siege on PC



Being that RS6 is a coop, communication-based game and for some reason nearly 50% of every casual team I play on doesn’t use mics, I would love to find a crew to play with from Strats&Co so we can make the most of the experience.

Anyone playing? If so, hit me up here or even on Uplay at Skantzo


I’ll probably join, though The Division will be #1 priority starting Tuesday. Should have my copy of R6 thursday, so maybe a weekend romp?

I’ll add ya on Uplay and we’ll see what happens.

ping @RedBeerde and @Ausylon (i know red will get his copy, not sure if Aus bought the hyperx bundle or not)


I’ll have my copy on the third. A weekend spam of the game would be fun.

Fair warning, I haven’t played a twitch shooter since counterstrike 1.6, so I may be a little rough around the edges.


All good on the weekend romp.
@RedBeerde worry not thought 1.6 was ages ago lol. It’s not too much of a twitch shooter and more about lining up angles, exercising patience and communicating small bits of info.

@epyon415 the division will be #1 priority as well but rs6 provides a good distraction in between.


Sounds like fun. I’m excited.

I think @droul was thinking about picking up the game, not sure if he did though.


ive got it but havent played it yet…im down to give it a try this weekend


I’m in on this, I should get my code by the weekend. Uplay: ducksauce88 although I already sent you a request.


Ok, i am all set with R6. Lets some games going tonight!!


I have a copy coming in with my HyperX Clouds tomorrow. Uplay name is veritas732


I’m down for a good long session tomorrow. Hit me up on uplay.


@xploz1on you play on Pc?


Yes sir… I have this one on PC