LF Solstice Group for Destiny 2



So I don’t think there are many here that still play Destiny 2 [PC]
But I’d like to do the Solstice armor set quests and the missions are kicking my butt solo.

Any 2 people here still playing Destiny 2? Or perhaps interested in checking out it’s current state?
Let me know.

I generally play on weekdays at times between 4 -8pm (central)


What is needed to join? Light level?


nothing really.
A full set of PL 200 armor is provided at the start of the quest line.

Current top end armor is around 350PL at the moment.
The quest is about upgrading the tattered armor of your past and at the end it will be PL 400. The highest available.


I’m still interested and pop on the odd time, but my time is limited and hard to come by. If you see me on, shoot me a msg.

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