LF VoG 10-6-14 8pm ET makeup group PS4



Looking for anyone that hasn’t ran VoG yet this past week and wants to get at least a little experience in it before the reset. Hopefully we’ll get through opening and first inside stage that I know and possibly further.

Should be level 27 or 28 + preferably. Should have a secondary weapon that does void damage.

Looking at 8pm ET on 10-6-14, unless noon ET works better for most interested.

I also need to get weekly heroic strike in yet if anyone’s up for that at any time between 9am and noon.

PS4 Raid Team Charlie

I’m down for this at 8pm et.
28 Titan. Void secondary and heavy weapons.


I’m interested.


8pm work better for you as well?


I work till 5pm EST, generally go to the gym after work, so 7pm or later is best personally.


Sounds good. We’ll try 8pm then.


I’ll help out if you guys need slots filled.


I’m down for this. Level 27 Titan Defender got void pulse rifle and machine gun. Can be on from 8pm - 10:30 EST.


Great! Looks like we only need 1 more.


What’s the gameplan are you going to start a party chat and we’ll all hop on?

And your PSN is gcaspers correct?


I’ll come for this 29 titan.


Not sure how we’re managing this. NVS_1 for those that don’t know.


Yes, I’ll start a party chat. I’ll be on at 7:30pm at the latest but should be sooner. PSN name is gcaspers.


I’ve completed it today a lot of fun and good experience.


Just another quick thank you to all who showed up last night and Skull and Sw1sha for filling in at the end to get us all the way through despite my noobness in there!


Did you guys finish it?


We killed it!


Not without some absolutely horrendous lag though, haha.


How long did it take for the final boss.


To be honest, to long. We finished around 1:15am, but we were dealing with some brutal lag at times. For a good hour we were dieing from random supplicants exploding from nowhere, Atheon skipping across the screen dodging rockets and such.

Not sure how long it took all in all, but I know we chilled out at the vault doors waiting on a couple extra’s for probably 30minutes or so.