LF1M: Nightfall Strike 10/20 - 10pm EST (EDIT: Group filled)

Happy Monday!

A friend and I are going to do the Nightfall strike tonight. Was wondering if anyone wanted to join in. Only requirements: 28+, Mic

Bonus if you have Void and Solar weapons.


  1. JohnOnTheRocks
  2. Joey_Coz
  3. @Vocino

EDIT: Group filled

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If you guys are in need of an extra hand I can always jump in to help. I’ve completed it already, but williig to help.

That aside, I will be with the gf until around midnight or so (EST time), so if you still need help by then let me know.

Don’t let me take someone elses spot though.

I’m 27 but if you can’t find anyone, I’m down as I’m free tonight.

@Vocino Have you done it yet? Don’t technically need help, just wanted to see if anyone needs to clear before reset.

@NVS_1 thanks for the offer but it’s all good. We shouldn’t need help, just trying to get everyone through the Nightfall this week before the reset!

No, haven’t done it yet but I also don’t want to hold back the group. Totally fine either way.

Na it’s cool, 27 is good, won’t hold us back. I’ll put you in as the 3rd spot. See you then!

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I’m online, sitting in the Strats party chat. Just send me an invite when ready.