LF3M RAID VoG Normal - Sunday 10/26 10am EST

Since I cannot raid tonight per usual, I’m looking to run through VoG normal on Sunday 10/26 10am EST.

Everyone is welcome to join. We just need 4 more. Myself and a friend have already committed.

Only hard requirement is 26+ and Mic. Preferably Void weapons and some raid experience. I’ve cleared the raid 2x and don’t mind leading.



I would love to join. It would be my first time in (28 Lock both specs maxed)
Spredhed on PS4

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Awesome! I’ll jot you down.

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Forgot to say Mic required - hope you have one

Ya I have a logitech headset works great

Also if you want to run some dailies or the weekly I will be on around 830 tonight est and around 700 est tomorrow. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for some of us in this group to run some easy stuff together and become a bit familiar with each other.

Won’t be online tonight but might be online tomorrow (although probably late). Either way I’ll add you on PSN and link up if we’re both on

Bump. Still looking for 3 more for the raid on Sunday.

Come on fellas

I will be on around that time. I have already done it this week but if you are hurting for a sixth I don’t mind helping. Have a mic, and hunter level 29, Titan and warlock 26 so whichever helps the group best I can run. Psn is the same as username if ya end up needing me :slight_smile:

Thanks CEvans. Still need two more any takers?