LFG: 12/28 Crota Raid: 9PM EST

Hello gentlemen,

I am looking to set up a raid team for Crota’s end tonight before the weekly reset. Admittedly, I have yet to down Crota myself, but alas, I am a level 31 and will not bring the team down. Preferably no more than 2 level 30’s. Gjallahorns and IceBreakers are gravy.

Main Crew:
-@Joey_coz Level 31 Hunter
-@spredhed Level 31 Warlock
-@johnontherocks Level 31 Titan
-@NVS_1 Level XX ???


I will go on my newbie toon at level 27. We should be able to cheese the first bunch and then i will switch over for the crota fight to my warlock level 31 if that is cool.

Added you

I think Im around tonight, so I’m interested.

@Joey_coz I can make this if we get a full group

@NVS_1 what level are you?

I know @JohnOnTheRocks has Ice Breaker and @spredhed has poor man’s Gjallahorn, anyone else have good weapons to bring to the table? I have a 331 Truth which will go a long way in taking down Crota.

I can go! I have tons of experience with being swordbearer, and need to get it on at 2 toons

I’m a level 31 warlock

i need it on my 31 hunter, can help on my 32 warlock if you need it more than once

I’m level 30 w/ Gjallahorn. I’m interested if there’s room.

Updated roster. @Vocino if someone drops out you are in.

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looks like a couple peeps need it twice so i can do a speed run on my 32 with my friend and anyone else who needs it still can join after

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donkeyd13k will join u, lvl 31 hunter with ghorn at the ready

I can do the first speed run with your 32 with my 30 if you’re cool with that. I can use the sword on my 31 after that so you can get credit on your second toon @Josef

Ya if we are going to cheese it all and I can get my 28 through I would do the run helping out to cheese on my max level guys

last minute time to go shopping so vocino can fill in…

Logging in now.

EDIT: Uhh, I can’t connect.