LFG Destiny Thursday 10.30 PS4

I am off the next few hours and would love to get some daily/weekly work in. I am also off early tonight (7pm est) and would be looking for the same or VoG


I work till 8pm EST but have hockey tonight at 10pm, so I won’t be back home till closer to midnight. I’m always up to help anyone, so if you still need help with weekly’s and such, let me know.

Just as a note, I will be doing probably the nightfall again tonight since there is a bounty to complete a weekly event.

Have you updated your PSN info here? I was looking for you to invite you to a group.

I am doing some PVP now prob a bit late for the strike until tonight
Spredhed is my psn name also
I believe I did the update also
I would do the daily story right now though