LFG for Warframe



I started Warframe last night and I really really like it, but I think I’d enjoy it more if I had someone to play with! If anyone is interested in Warframe, it’s Free to Play and looks super cool. I’ve loved it so far, but I’ve only gotten like three missions done. I’d love to team up with someone.




Oh gosh I guess I should’ve stated!! PC


My 370 hour says I’m a vet but my 370 hours also says I’m so burnt out on the game lol. Haven’t played for about a year but it was a great game I reached end game content and took a break and now there’s about idk 5 Warframe or more that I don’t own now.


Yeah I definitely am late to the game with it but it’s sooo addicting.


If we’re both online at some point I’ll carry you through levels so you can have the locations unlocked lol


You are amazing :open_mouth: