LFG: Iron Banner's Last Hours - 10/13 9pm EST - 1am EST

Yesterday there was an internally struggle within me trying to decide whether it’s worth trying to hit rank 3 before Iron Banner ends Tuesday.

Today I decided fuck it I’ll give it a shot since I’m at rank 2.55 with 3 bounties left.

I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in my crusade to destroy some guardians.

So please comment here if you’d like to join the Fireteam to crush all Fireteams. I’ll be sending invites out at 9pm and after. Thanks!

Edit: for inspiration

I’ll probably be down, might be a bit late though. I’ll just join your guys’ chat party when I get on.

Awesome yea feel free to jump in and out between matches if necessary

Possibly. I may or may not be home tonight, lol.