LFG Nightfall Tonight 10/26 9:30PM EST (Filled)



Looking for one more brave soul to do the nightfall tonight. Already got two on board.

Nightfall is Dust Palace

Small Arms




Best of luck to you guys!


Thanks! Hopefully RNGesus will be kind to us


If someone has any issues getting on I will be online and available


Awesome we’ll keep that in mind and I’ll just throw you in as alternative. Thanks.


Spred, I’ll need to do the nightfall tonight. Can be on as early as 6:30pm EST


I will do tonight provided if the raid ends up not happening. If not I can do it with you after or another day for sure


Ok, If it’s not tonight, I prob won’t be around. Leave for vacation early Thursday morning, back Tuesday sometime.


@Joey_coz and I are definitely doing Nightfall 10pm EST tonight, wanna do it?


I have hockey @ 10pm EST, I’ll be on before and after that though.


Raid will probably be over around midnight. I can go after that with you and bet someone else will also