LFG PS4 Gauntlet



anyone up to test out this new free download?


If I saw this when you posted, I would’ve been game. Wife has my TV now.


Just let me know in a message on the ps4 whenever I’m on and I’ll more then likely join =)



I’ll play Gauntlet sometime. If I’m going to play this for any length of time on PS4 I’ll likely buy the necromancer. I own her on the Steam version and she’s probably my favorite character.

Of course, why wouldn’t the DLC character be my favorite.


I am going to try to get on tonight (Thursday) around 730 EST. I may have to cover at work for someone tonight but I am hoping that will not be the case and I can get on and play. This was one of my favorite games growing up. I played a bit last night and it was fun. I really like the variety of the wizard so may be going with him.


I might try it out with you


I bought it a few months ago, it’s a lot of fun. I didn’t get very far, because I’m not very good and you really need friends to play it. If I can get on tonight I am so down. I played the wizard as well, haven’t experimented with the others yet.


BL2 Psycho checking in, they know what’s best and they make us pay more, the bastards shakes fist


I have to work late. I am going to try to get on around 930 or so


That’s 8:30 my time, should be on then.


Im on now. I created an open party on PSN called Strats Gauntlet


Man that was so much fun. Definitely a relaxing experience, playing on easy. We should make a regular night of it, not that those last very long.


I can’t wait to get 4 of us together. 3 was fun. 4 will be a wrecking crew


Yeah that was a lot of fun.