LFG Raid - Sunday 11pm EST - PS4

So, I still need to complete the Raid and I’m sure I’ll get it between sat / sun night, however I wanted to see if I can set something up for Sunday. I have a friend who has still never experienced the Raid before and his work / school schedule, gf and his kids make it hard to plan for time. He’s fairly certain he should be around for 11pm EST Sunday night though, and I’d like to see if I can pick up 4 others to get a group going for him.

So that said, who thinks they’ll be around that time?

@Ataraxx13 (Where you been!? I need some help with the CronusMax btw, lol)

I’m drawing blanks on who else I’ve ran the Raid with, so anyone else feel free to drop your name in the hat.

I should be able to do it at that time, I still have 2 toons to do the raid

Put me down for this. I’m game!!

Sounds good to me.

Anyone still available for this? Probably looking to start ~45min -> 1.5h from now.