LFG - Sat, Nov 8 - 2100 EST (or there abouts)- Raid - Hard - PS4 - need 2

I’ve never tried the whole Raid on Hard, but I’m a level 29 Hunter, and I think I’m ready, if I can find some veteran hard mode veterans to help me out.

I did join a group last weekend that was trying to cheese Atheon on Hard, but it never worked out.

Anyways, hope I can find some folks that want to run this, I’m excited for a good challenge, and possibly some good loot!

Current Lineup:

I wanted to give it a try this weekend as well! But I was looking to do it Saturday afternoon like 1pm.

I would love to Saturday afternoon, but I’ll be with my family. The only times I get to play are in the evenings normally, and sometimes on Monday mornings. I get to play this coming Tuesday too! I’m off for Veterans’ Day! Woohoo!

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I could make myself available Sat at any time

Let me know.

I might be up for that this weekend :o

I would like to do this but it depends on a few things.
1-if my ps4 gets delivered tomorrow…which fed ex says it will be.
2-how much I have to re download…all my games are digital so I need to download them again.
I think I will be ready by Saturday though.

Ahhhhhh I’d love to but I’m AFK for a week. I’ll be in Sweden until next Sunday basically.

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Sweden? Sounds nice. Have fun!

PS4 is here and i am good to go

I may not be able to make it home by 11 est. I am going to try my best

hey I am going to see if my wife and I can watch a movie around 1900 CDT, so I can raid that hard mode around 2030 CDT. I will post if I will be available or not on the forum, before the time you want to raid.

I hate doing this but I’m gonna have to unsign for this. Something has come up and I won’t be online til later. Sorry.

I am home and ready to go if this takes off

I’ll be ready at 9 CDT