LFG: Taken King Heroic Strike (tonight 6pm est)



I was thinking of hopping on my first heroic strike tonight. I’m SLIGHTLY under-geared at 259 light but fuck it I’m doing it.

I was going to do the heroic playlist so I think there’s matchmaking so no biggie but I’d prefer to roll with Strats members. So if anyone is free/wants to join/needs it let me know!

Strike team so far:


My plan is to do Nightfalls and Strikes and other miscellaneous stuff tonight, so I’m down. We haven’t played together yet, so let’s shoot the mans! I’ll be over 300 light, so carries can happen, no worries.

PS4 ohnokenzilla can be free around 7:30-ish CST.



My plan is the same as @ohnokenzilla so I can help as well. Droul01 is my PSN if you don’t have me already. :smile:


I apparently don’t have reading comprehension and missed the time request. We’ll catch up next time!


haha it’s all good was able to do one with a random group. got one gear upgrade at least