LFG Thursday night for some round 2 action



anyone want to get down tonight on Borderlands?


I’m down. No one has been on the last couple times I have been able to play.


Might could get on around 9pm EST. Will likely need to be powerlevelled, I’m still in the early 20s.


Tagging @blinkbrac!


I will be on around 700. @Dynamible find us a power leveler


i will be off and on all day today trying to make up some levels (currently lvl 18) I dont know if i will be high enough to play with you guys though.


Sorry about my absence of late, my PS4 and such are torn down as part of my research project and I probably won’t be back seriously for another week or two while the semester wraps up. That said, I’m going full-bore once finals are over :wink:


appriciate tagging me. but my streaming/gaming schedule is pretty tight right now. So yeah. main schedule is Tuesday @9:30 PM Wed. @9AM-2PM fri. @5PM-9PM and Sat. @9:30PM if anyone wants to play/multistream those nights I’m down.