LFG to play the Elder Scrolls Online (PC)



I haven’t played the game since launch, so for the moment I have the base game but no paid DLC (just as an FYI). I would really like to dive back into this game with someone. Going to be playing this evening (6/17) on PC, EST time zone. Really hoping to find someone to go through content with, mic is a must!


I found the Reboot post for ESO.

Should be useful. Good luck my friend.


Perfect, looks like I missed the boat two weeks ago :confused:


I wouldn’t say you missed it, per say; even now there are some names in Discord playing ESO :wink:


Oh I didn’t see this earlier :confused: Sennish and I were playing a bit earlier this evening and quite a few of us are still hopping in and out of the game at random. Lots with low level and some with higher level toons. Don’t worry - there will be someone to play with :slight_smile:


God damn @senNish

I taggef him so many times on Discord so @meddlingmage didnt felt lonely.

Hurray for @PreshusKitty <3 ya and thanks!

Strats FTW!!