LFG: VOG. Tonight (11/4). PS4



Anyone interested in raiding tonight? I played it once a few weeks ago, and would enjoy playing it again.

8:00 EST/7:00 CST start time.

Odin-12345 (27 warlock)
BottledFiji (28 warlock.)
CleanableBeast (28 warlock)
{Coworker} (27 hunter}


I’m down! Haven’t ran it in a while but have completed several times.

warlock 28

As long as we can be done by 11-11:30 est I’m good to go




You think another group will be forming to tonight to finish atheon?


@uhohs we need 3 more people for a fresh normal run tonight if you wanna come. we’ll down atheon for sure!


Word up, omw!


@uhohs my bad! I forgot to mention starting at 10pm EST. Can you make it for that?


Yep no problemo