LFG: WoW Raid Fri-Sat 9 PM PST



Faction: Horde
Server: Kilrogg or Cross-server

Looking for anyone that has a pre-existing raid team with some openings available.

Trying to keep it later at night and weekends.

If you know of any raids like this let me know!


Is there not an official Strats guild?


Not in an official sense, no.

There is a smattering of people around the game on various servers and a group of people playing on some server as alliance.


I have a Horde guild on Area 52. We cleared 5/7 normals with a 29man raid group.

We pug’ed about 7 and we got 3 recruits from it. So we still need a few more raiders. People not interested in raiding are also welcome and can fill in when the need arises.
We raid 10pm-2am EST Tuesday & Thursday
For more info hit me up or go to