LFM: Crota's End Raid (Normal) - 11pm EST 12/23/14

Hey All,

Sort of a last minute decision, but I’m trying to get a crew together tonight to clear the new raid. I think it’s best if we have at least three 31’s and no more than three 30’s.

Must be 30 or 31. Maxed rocket launchers and snipers preferable.

@JohnOnTheRocks - 30
@Joey_coz - 31
@spredhed - 31



I usually run with a group around 8 est that I hope is going again tonight. We should be done early enough that I could help out on my Titan at 11 est. He is 31

@spredhed awesome. I’ll put you down

The time is normally good for me (late), but I gotta spend some time with the gf after hockey tonight. I’d love to join in on this if possible. I’ll try and get on as close as I can to 11pm, however I may be late. Add me as a potential, but if I’m the one delaying you, by all means replace me.

Wish I could, but I’ll be at the theaters watching the hobbit fanboy excitement

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I can help if needed. 30 lock.