Life-Saving Loot


It’s been years since I’ve been back on this forum. I always thought you guys were cool, but I never had a stable enough internet connection to stream, and now that I do, I’m too busy. But that’s not why I’m making this post.

I have a very sick mom. She has an autoimmune disease called CIDP, and she has been fighting it for 18 years. Basically, her body attacks her nerves, which causes her to lose feeling in her hands/arms and legs/feet. She is also part of the 5-10% of CIDP patients where the disease also affects her torso, making it life threatening. She was accepted for a treatment called a stem cell transplant back in july. This treatment will reset her immune system. New immune system means no CIDP. The issue is the cost. It’s still experimental, so insurance won’t pay. We’ve spent the last 3-4 months crowdfunding, and we’ve raised a total of $110,000. We still need another $40,000.

So how does this relate to you all? Well, 2 weeks ago, I started a website called Life-Saving Loot. Basically, I am selling a bunch of my nerdy stuff to raise more money for mom. We have figures, pins, video game memorabilia, VHS tapes, and much more! I add new product daily. All profits go straight to my mom’s treatment fund.

I know this sounds like an ad, and I guess in a way it is, but I’ve run out of places to go. I’ve contacted every news agency possible multiple times. I’ve tried reddit, but most places don’t allow crowdfunding or advertising. Time is of the essence. In the last 3 months, mom had 2 major infections, 3 major surgeries, and spent 80+ days in the hospital. We don’t have much longer before her body can’t do it anymore.