Life update from Klutzy <3


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. Mostly been dealing with school, but I also had a few medical issues sneak back up on me. I appear to be recovering from the worst of it, and I’m hoping to be back to gaming and streaming soon. In better news, school is going very well. I’ve done some very basic modelling in Maya and I’m currently doing a class on the Fundamentals of Art. It’s a big review for me, but still good information to go over. Next month I should be doing a lot of modelling work, and I’m hoping to do a better job at posting stuff regularly.

I miss you guys! :heart:


A couple of days ago I was wondering what you’ve been up to! Miss our Dungeon Master!


Sorry man. I just got really sick. I keep hoping I’m going to get into a good rhythm to do everything I want to, and then something always comes along to beat me down. :frowning:


Hope you’re feeling better! Don’t stress yourself out though, and take it easy :slight_smile:


Good to hear from you & glad you’re back on the upswing!


was wondering why i had not seen you since my first 24hr stream, well glad you are getting better and schools working out for you, can’t wait to catch you around again.


Sure enough… this month is a bunch of modelling. We are doing a kitchen scene. A lot of the counters and such are done, but I’m doing the oven, table, chairs, and place settings this week. Then we have a bunch of other things to model and texture the next 3 weeks.


Sorry to have disappeared for so long. I had some health issues to take care of, and was barely managing school on top of those. I do have some amazing pictures from the rest of the kitchen scene, and from the Portfolio class I finished in December. I am currently getting ready to return to streaming and will be more active in the discord as well.



Woot woot.


Oh!!! We are also buying a house. Doing a lease to own on the place we moved to in June!


That’s very exciting!