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Don’t ask questions, just do it for whoever posts in this thread!

@ducksauce88 and @Zharick I’m lookin at u!


You heard what the man said. DO IT

Geek Sauce :wink:

First video coming tomorrow. Maybe. Ha!



I’m looking at creating informative content, mainly geared towards homelabers and the likes, I will eventually go into a full home automation project and document it all in the channel as well


Because I’m shameless & hijack everything!

Lyteforce - I know, I know… just didn’t think I should have a special YouTube channel name.

My content creation is going to be pretty much all about my fun with my PS4, though I will likely extend the content scope from time-to-time with stuff that has Kevin Bacon-style distance from it.


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Since @lyteforce hijacked it first I think I’ll shamelessly join in! Come give Two Player Adventure some love! :smiley: :heart_eyes:


Edit: Followed everyone in the thread!


I can’t figure out how to subscribe; can you add a giant annotation for me, please?


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