Live Stream Notifications - What should I use?


Continuing the discussion from How to setup OBS and Teeboard Live on Twitch:

I will look into Tnotifier more, it looks very robust. I use the NightDev BetterTTV for my own personal Twitch watching, but I found his Follower alert a bit lacking. Also, Teeboard has twobbler built in. I really hope that Deezjavu stays with Teeboard. I think it is great, but it has to stay maintained,


yes, i used the twobbler part of teeboard when i was using teeboard. but i elected to just run a separate twobbler in the background now instead of running teeboard.

i use betterTTv too, and i agree that NightDev’s follower alert is lacking. Tnotifier seems a little better for stuff like that.

i’m having a bit of a problem with TNotifier that i’ve opened a ticket on with their support system. they have a system where you can create a custom font for an alert or a tracker. i did that but then sometimes the font doesn’t load when i start OBS…until i go to and logout and then back in, and reload the source in OBS. then it works fine. seems like this happens every week or so.


i’ve started migrating back to Teeboard for everything stream related…just to keep things simple.

recently i’ve learned enough about css and javascript to get my notifications to where i want them using the built in teeboard notification system. i was having trouble with text alignment in my previous experience with it, but i’ve since figured that all out, and that was the primary catalayst in my migration away form teeboard originally. so now i’m back on the teeboard bandwagon.

here’s a sample:

If anyone’s interested, I may make a short tutorial video in the near future, just to go through what I did to tweak the default notifications.