LKF Albion guild



Is there an albion guild around here that might show me some stuff about the game. i never played alot, i know basics, but i came back to my hacked account having shit tons of stuff. 3 mil silver, 12k gold, high tier gear and high skill level. i think its pretty decent, im not sure cause i havnt played the game. I really want to buy a scyth but im not sure what to use. please contact me if u have a guild!


We used to have an active Albion guild, but when they announced earlier this year that the closed beta was being extended until at least August with at least one full wipe, a ton of folks lost interest knowing that their energies would be for naught in the long run. There are a few of us keeping an eye on updates and such, but I don’t know that there are many active Albion players in Strats at the moment.

As for the scythe, unless it got nerfed, it’s one of the strongest melee weapons and hugely effective in both open-world and GvG PvP :wink:


I’ll probably start back up after the wipe.