Logitech C920: Just Got One, Need Help


Just picked this bad boy up and was wondering, what is the best way to incorporate my video into my stream?


Are you using OBS to stream? If so you just add it as a “Video Capture Device” under your sources.


90% face cam, 10% game screen.
90% face cam, 5% Strats Logo 5% Game Screen.


Or 100% facecam, occasionally mention a game. Low cut shirt.


Awesome, thank you buddy!


Low cut shirt is a must. Might even want to break out the tape to help create some cleavage though.


You should do 100% game, 100% cam at 50% opacity. Put the cam on the desk angled up to your face.


While i’m hysterically laughing at all of the responses, my typical overlay (since i have no green screen) is throwing my face in a corner of the gameplay, strats logo over my chest somewhere, and gameplay as large as I can make it.

You can see some of that in my streams if you’re interested. I use the same camera as you. It’s a wide screen lens so sometimes it helps to crop the video a bit to get as close to your face as possible when you have the camera space small.


I think what you should go for is 100% face cam, but at like 40% opacity with the game running behind it.


That just happened.


Damn wayward, steal my idea and 7 minute abs it?



I should really start reading whole threads before I post a comment.
I’m just a gun jumper


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If my calculations are correct that’s an ab a minute. The efficiency


I’m introducing my new system: 6 minute abs!


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MVP ep3: Photoshop that perfect body in 6 Min.


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