Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004360)


Not a bad cheap backup mouse to have :wink:


I love logitech mice but I can’t stand that many buttons on top…call me old school :stuck_out_tongue:.


Yeah that’s interesting. I’ve never used a mouse with the aux buttons on the top like that. Always on the side.

I wonder if that’s easier. It does seem odd to move your trigger finger to hit a special key instead of your thumb.


agreed, not a fan of that layout. i almost bought it just for the hell of it, but it just seems really odd.


I have a Logitech FPS mouse which has 2 buttons on side and 2 on top, on the edge of LMB. Extra buttons on top seem neat for things like grenades.


I think I’m buying this mouse to replace my crappy $10 mouse

@Vocino it might be for use with either hand. Looks like an ambidextrous mouse.


yup it definitely is. source: logitech website.


I’ve owned a few over the years, and honestly I love having alternate buttons where my most dexterous fingers are. It’s not like I’m spamming right/left click all the time in every game, so reaching over for a quick button press is pretty easy and became second nature much faster than trying to relearn to jump using my pinkie finger on my G13.