Looking for a bluetooth keyboard


Does anyone have experience with or preference for a bluetooth keyboard? I’m looking for one primarily to use with the PS4 and possibly with my Nexus 9 tablet.

I first considered a keyboard when I tried Final Fantasy 14 on the PS4 but I only played the game a short time. Now that I’m trying out Paragon and SMITE I thought it might be fun to purchase a cheap keyboard so I can type to the PC folk.


logitech has some good ones.


Bluetooth is such an annoying technology. I just wanted to say that.


I can’t wait for low powers Wi-Fi to replace it. As for the OP. Not sure if it an option or not, but after years and years of different wireless keyboards…ill never buy one again. I’m wired 100%. It amazes me how shitty wireless keyboard are, bluetooth or not. Last I bought was a Logitech keyboard and I couldn’t even have it 1 ft away from my desktop or else it wouldn’t work properly.


I’ve got a decent, compact one at home I had gotten for my ps4 with ffxiv but sold the ps4 since. I’ll check on it when get home tonight.


Its a tad compact for my bit mitts but otherwise good. They have a version that’s only $30 atm.