Looking for a good YouTube channel name


So I’m going to dabble in some YouTube videos since I go through phones so frequently I fired why not review them? I’m also going to make disassembly videos since I love to take shit apart. Haha. Like tonight in thinking of recoding myself reapplying thermal past to my PS4 CPU. So basically anything tech related I will do. I figured I would review some stuff I just bought as well, like new bluetooth ear buds and I have a JBL bluetooth speaker on the way. So my question to you is…any good ideas for a tech channel name? I’m am SO NOT creative and would probabaly choose something like “Geek Tech” if it was up to me. Lol. I bet that is already used. Any suggestions I would love to hear them! I know we have alot of creative people here in this forum!

Edit: Geek Sauce is born! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaOMKTasHMY


Geek Sauce


hmmm I like this.


I wanted to think of an alternative to Geek Sauce, but I think that’s the winner.


Yea I’m digging it pretty hard. Still accepting any other ideas though. I’m recording my first video tonight and tomorrow but it might not be days until the first video is ready. I need to learn how to cut up videos. Lol


@GuardianX told me to jump on Geek Sauce and that was a clear sign to me that at least two people liked the name. lol. So Geek Sauce is born!

@Zharick Also gave me the idea to create a logo of something like “Geek Sauce :wink:” and I love that took. You guys are awesome. #teamstrats fo life


I’m still shocked that the name was available.


Things work out well when you plan your brand correctly.


I might need you nerds help too. Planing on starting a new YT channel. Mind i will be uploading gameplay with the daughter lol


totally off topic, but you reminded me:

last night, i rolled an undead priest in wow, with plans on possibly using my level 100 boost on him. i started generating some random names, clicking and clicking looking for some sort of inspiration. i came across something like Samientas or something…so i just tried Sam and it logged in. I couldn’t believe I was able to get Sam as a name. Crazy.


I like the name BoneMalone


Still needs to get 100 subscribers to secure the name though, I’m on the same boat


First Youtube Video! Thanks @teh_ninjaneer for the name! Fell in love with it right away. After making my first video I realized how much work it actually is, that and editing it sooo key. I wanted to re-shoot this video after learning some things but I just decided to push it out. haha. Gotta move on!


Next step, verification & custom thumbnails.


@lyteforce what is this verification you speak of? I’m probabaly going to reach out to someone here for a logo. Was thinking of a Tabasco like bottle with a geek on it :nerd_face:


Just taking the time to tell Google you’re a real person: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/171664?hl=en

It then allows you to do more things with your channel.