Looking for a place to live...need ASAP


Without going into many details I need a place to live ASAP. I am currently in a motel but money will not allow me to stay here much longer. Guys I am desperate, all I need is a couch or place to put my recliner, tv, and pc. I have guaranteed monthly income from disability but it’s not alot…also willing to trade housework for lodging. I am so desperate friends…please can someone help me or know a friend that needs some extra cash? I can move anywhere since I have no more ties here. Currently in Connecticut and it’s getting very cold here soon so I need to find something immediately. This is a college town so rooms for rent here are astronomically priced. Can anyone help me?


How much is the motel per night?


What’s the government subsidized options in your area?


The motel I am in is 250 per week…so I have until Tuesday to find something.


Little to none biggles…unfortunately


I can help you with another week in the motel ($250) if you don’t find a solution by Tuesday. :strats_green:


@Droul i may have a place for you but my finances are not going well myself. I would need to talk to you before i say yes.


Fucking #teamstrats right there :wink:

Real talk: hang in there, big guy.


seriously we have the best community here
this is why i love all of you <3


I am blown away at the offers of help from so many people. You guys are, hands down, the best people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I now have 2 offers of a place to live and am trying to figure out the logistics. They both require cross country drives with a uhaul trailer behind my truck. I want to thank each and every one of you for your friendship and concern. I will keep you all updated as I can.


I understand not looking to go into detail and all, but just curious how long you think you’ll need to get back on your feet? I’m willing to help as best as I can.


If it comes down to it maybe all of us here at Strats can put together a gofundme page or some sort of stream event to raise some money to help out.


With the extralife event coming up soon, I can try at the least to give a shoutout to you during the event as well and see if people are willing to toss some extra money your way.


Your offers of help have humbled me beyond belief. My options of moving to the places I have been offered unfortunately are out of reach as it is too expensive to rent a trailer…pay for gas and lodging on the way etc.

I have found however a very nice owner of the local days Inn here in Hamden that has offered me a very discounted monthly rate. With what I make from disability and with a donation from my brother I can almost swing the price. I would still be short a cpl hundred bucks but I am alot closer than I was…thank you all for your friendship…I value that more than anything.


How can I donate to ya?


You can use my PayPal if that is convenient my email is mllovell68@gmail.com. I belive if you select personal debt or repayment it won’t charge you any fees. fb messenger can accept donations too. My fb is Mike Lovell or you can use my email to find me I think.

You guys are the best group of people I have ever known…you do not know what this means to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Any and ALL donations will go for motel rent and a little food…THAT IS ALL.
The monthly rate at the motel is 800 or 200 a week. I want to make sure everyone understands this if you choose to help me.
I am having a very hard time internally dealing with embarrassment and guilt by accepting your incredible offers of help.
You can msg me here if you need any more information…I will gladly talk to everyone.


I don’t have PayPal unfortunately. I can’t find you on fb either :frowning:



With a little help and what I had left in the bank after bills I have been able to pay for a month here at the motel I am in. I also applied for food stamps today at a meeting with my social worker. I also was approved for a low income rent controlled apt but the waiting list is 6-9 months.
I want to thank those of you that have or are going to send me assistance, it means the world to me.
Every month until my name gets to the top of the apt list I will be short about 150 bux to make rent. If you are able any amount will help me to reach that.
I hate sounding like a beggar on the street. Thank you all for your friendship…it means more than I can express. Message me if you are interested in helping. God bless you all.