Looking for a place to start in game development and production


I’m somewhat of a computer poweruser but I don’t know how to program or network and I have no idea what goes into game creation. But I’m creative and I learn fast. I’ve realized I’m a fast learner just because I’ve had so many jobs and am now a jack of all trades.

I just want a starting place. Something that can show me each of the aspects of game creation. Or at least what type of work goes into each.

I think I’d want to check out (in order of interest):
Ai programming
Level creation
Stuff that deals with hit boxes I guess? I have a lot of interests and since I’ve never witnessed anything of development I have no clue what I’d be interested in. Thanks for any help and leads guys.


When I get off work, I’ll get some info together, game creation is my passion.


Ooo thanks I’d really appreciate it


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It’s all good man!


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Sooooo, there are a few free apps that I use to make stuff, they are pretty standard and shouldn’t be too hard to move to those super expensive programs if you ever decide to.

Here’s just a quick list of programs and services I use that may be interesting to you, I haven’t run into a situation where I NEEDED a program that costs money.


edit: I bought Spriter back before they had finished it and can attest to it’s amazingness, don’t know how much it costs now.

If you’re interested in animation, I’d watch some videos on manipulating an already made character “rig” in blender, then move on to making you’re own rigs later. I have a ton of sources for free pre-made characters that I’d be happy to send to you in pm, just let me know. If you don’t want to start out making your own characters and just wanna jump straight to animation, here’s a few sites you should probably take a quick look at.


If you find you REALLY like animation, start doing contests like the 11 second club. I’ve never done one myself but it seems really cool. They provide some free characters and a small bit of recording and you animate something that fits the recording, pretty fun idea.

AI programming and level creation are both things you can learn in UE4. They can be done elsewhere also but that’s where I’m learning them since UE4 is the engine I use. I’m going to try not to be biased so I will just mention the two engines you’d want to choose between (everything else is arguably impractical). Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5. I will say this though, UE4 has a visual scripting language that makes it really easy to learn programming concepts specific to game creation. Learning how to accomplish things in a game engine visually makes it much easier to understand what you want to do if you decide to move to c++ for your programming. There’s also a great system for creating AI in UE4, there may be in Unity also I just haven’t looked.

I loooooove level creation, if I ever get burnt out on programming, or modeling/animating, or whatever, I end up moving to level creation and just burning through hours making a pretty scene. I also really like watching other people make scenes, can’t get enough of it. UE4 comes with tons of free stuff to get started with, really professional looking stuff and it’s all free to use in your games.

As far as hitboxes (collision) go, they are really kind of self explanatory, there are different methods you can use but there’s not much too them.

Hope I’ve helped some, let me know if you want to know more about some of these things. Pretty much everything you need to know is either in documentation, forums, or youtube tutorials.

Here are some youtube channels that I recommend, they are either about game creation, game design, game theory, or about the business side of games.

I really really fucking hate this guy from PBS game/show and I really can’t stand most of his opinions… but there’s alot of good info/material in the videos if you can watch them without punching your screen.

I just found this one recently so can’t really speak to it just yet

Creating A Game: A Dream I'd Like To Explore

That YouTube dump tho. I’d give an additional like for Extra Credits if I could.


I’d definitely like that collection of premade models thanks. And man this is outstanding, thanks a bunch. I have another friend who only told me “unity and UE4 are your best bet for a starting point” but now I have ALL these other resources thanks!