Looking for advice regarding gear



Is it worth it to buy Reputation gear (Blues) as I near lvl 50? Or should I just buy crafted gear at lvl 50?
Or just not even really worry about it?


Honestly the gear you get thru questing to 50 is fine for adventure purposes. When you hit 50, adventures is your best soruce of gear. Also there is a post here that list best in slot gear and where it drops for all of the classes. The document looks a little out of date but it’s more that enough to get a starting point for gear at 50.


Yeah, definitely save your money for other things. You’re first couple veteran adventures might feel a bit rough, but inside of a week you’ll be fine. DO NOT, however, go into veteran dungeons until you’re at least rocking a full set of blue gear that’s level 50. It’s painful on the verge of impossible and PUGs will lose their shit at you. Because PUGs :wink:


Okay, that’s good info thanks.


If you are a heavy armor user hit me up and I can craft you BiS for dps for most slots.


I can help if you need light armor!


I can craft most medium armor. Hit me up if you need that.


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