Looking for good info on destiny?



Found a few articles about Destiny. If you’re looking for info about classes, changes since you played last or just a general Destiny guide check this website out.


Very nice post! I didn’t play in the beta so the more info the better!


Most people are probably familiar with this guys youtube, if not its definitely worth checking out.
Datto Does Destiny.


Excellent post and info guys…every little bit of an advantage we can gain is awesome!


Just saw this on the offical Bungie forums.
Titans maybe able to wield swords…!@#!

Original post on Bungie.Net


whhhhhaaaat?!?! The hype train is real ladies and gents. Every day I’m getting more and more excited.


If you have not entered codes to your bungee.net account yet check out this link, watch the video if you dont know what they do yet and follow the instructions for rapid code entry if you use chrome!!



Over at the Destiny Tracker, it looks like they already have a decent amount of data on the activities/locations in Destiny.

Also it looks like someone on /r/destinythegame posted the some of the Brady Games Strategy Guide. Maybe 30 pages or so.

Spoilers ahead. Please only click the links if you don’t mind being spoiled.

Activities from Destiny Tracker

Vendors from Destiny Tracker

Some of the Brady Games Strategy guide in .jpgs

Original /r/Destinythegame post


Don’t want to spoil anything, but if your looking at the links @SkullKontrol posted above the some of those activities have level requirements that are interesting to see. See the weekly nightfall strikes activity.


More good info thanks to the good folks at /r/DestinyTheGame



Heavy Spoilers Ahead

Here is a link to all Golden Chest Locations and Dead Ghosts with locations and clues.
Taken from the strategy guide.

Please take a minute to make sure you want to spoil yourself, before clicking the link.

Spoilers - All Golden Chests and Dead Ghost Locations


Nah I actually want to explore the game, it’s all about that experience…


Unless I get stuck after a couple of weeks unable to find the others that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hear you, I wish I could contain myself…always been one of those guys who races to a red light. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just a Loot Goblin…lol


Got a free strategy guide with all the info ill ever need! I knew it was worth it storing all those gamestop points!